Guillermo Spinelli

Discount offer

Special at the Alsatian

All Inclusive Wedding Package Offer

70-Guest max. All Inclusive Sunday through Friday,
Wedding Cost: $2,500.00
Or 100-Guest on a Saturday if you host an event in the next 90 days.
Wedding Cost: $3,500.00

Included in this offer is:  1) Venue for (9:30am to  midnight) Two-Meat Buffet (For example, Pork loin medallions , Chicken sautéed and topped with a sun-dried tomato basil sauce and garlic, mashed potatoes, bread, and salad…or your own menu.  3) Coffee, Tea and Sodas  4) China  5) One-hour bar (wine and beer only), and 6) One hotel room for the night. Add tip and taxes.